GenWel RF-Boston Fund IV Q1 2023 Fact Sheet

July 27, 2023Fund Updates

Private debt drives opportunity for borrowers and investors alike.

GenWel capital has partnered with RF-Boston to create an exclusive private debt fund.  RF-Boston Fund IV provides short term loans to builders and real estate investors throughout New England.  Our country is plagued with a housing shortage that was fueled by the great recession slowing new home construction.  By financing renovations and new construction, RF-Boston Fund IV aims to improve the housing crisis in several ways:

  • We provide efficient capital to landlords and developers for reasonably priced housing in various communities throughout greater Boston.
  • This capital investment helps create jobs in those same communities.
  • Every renovation project uses the latest standard of insulation and heating sources helping to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

Since inception the fund has delivered a rate of return of approximately 11% in the form of quarterly income with little deviation and modest growth.

RF Boston Fund IV - March 31 Fact Sheet