Stable, Strong, and Local

GenWel’s Income Fund, the Private Lending Fund, can provide an uncorrelated alternative to traditional high-yield assets by creating an income stream that is stable through all market conditions. The fund seeks to deliver strong quarterly cash flow while preserving investor capital. Investor assets are secured using short-duration first-position mortgages with conservative loan-to-value ratios. In doing so we aim to avoid volatility and meaningful drawdowns while providing a more predictable investor experience. Through our partnership with RF-Boston we have combined local knowledge, lending expertise, and capital to create a unique offering.


A More Sustainable Tomorrow

The GenWel RF Boston Private Lending Fund provides short term loans to builders and real estate investors throughout New England. Across the country we have a housing shortage that was fueled by the great recession slowing new home construction for nearly a decade.

The pandemic created a labor and material shortage that further intensified this trend as evidenced by the increase home prices and rents in 2021. By financing renovations and new construction, RF Boston Fund IV helps to improve the housing crisis in several ways.

First, we provide efficient capital to landlords and developers for reasonably priced housing in various communities throughout greater Boston. Second, this capital investment helps create jobs in those same communities. Finally, every renovation project uses the latest standard of insulation and heating sources helping to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

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